Revive Potion
Revive Potion

Revive Potion

Regular price $10,000

I must be dead
until a party revives me
a party so dope that I could harness our collective power
fuck everyone until a full revive potion is fully funded
the price is $10,000
That's how much I need to do it right and do it my way
the results will astound us all
Level 1 was a beginners dungeon, where we learned the game and picked a direction to explore
Level 2 will be in my room 
Where I will drink and get drunk on my ego
So that ART may be FREE from your ignorance 
and I'm not coming home till my demands and needs are met!
how much is my life worth to you?
What if I was gone?
why should I do it any other way than how I want
So help me purchase this potion  (click to buy)
I will revive and destroy your minds
30 days after an art community is able to fund a full potion
We will forge the greatest weapon ever known to man!
The Perpetual Emotion Machine Level2 The Convertors Room and The Forging Of Marys Dagger Of Peace
For now, I will stay in the afterlife, and explore the meaning of death.
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Revive Potion