Burning Man 2015 Prints & Donations – New Camera Fund

My camera is broken and Burning Man 2015 is approaching! I am trying to raise funds for a new one! Per the last two years I will be offering prints for donations. I am not allowed to sell prints of what I take out there after the fact, so the only way to get them is if you donate before I go out there! Over 100 people have donated the last two years and all have received some really awesome prints! It means a lot as equipment and getting out there is extremely expensive for me and the more you guys help out the more I can focus on what I do best, as well as getting you some awesome art for you wall! So make sure you get in on it this year because I’m planning to go even harder and take even more pictures then I have the previous two years!

Typically for you donations this is what you will receive!

$10 – Postcards & Stickers
$20 – 13 x 19 Posters and Stickers
$50 – Canvas Prints, Poster Prints, And Stickers.
$100 – Acrylic Prints & Stickers
$200 – All kinds of awesome shit
$500 – Limited Edition Acrylic, Limited Edition Canvas, Shit ton of posters and stickers!
$1000 – In addition to everything below, who knows but I’ll figure out something ridiculous awesome for you!

Easy enough! Click the donate button below to lock yourself in! Below also is some samples of prints people have gotten before!

I’m trying to get a Canon 5D Mark iii  – current funds $3,110 of $2,800 GOAL REACHED YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!

If you can’t donate, no worries, you can still help by sharing!

Also don’t forget to download my FREEEE Book Burn from 2013 (Downloaded over 7,000 times!)
















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  2. I legit want a poster of the “LOVE” picture. Please let me know if I can get it any bigger than 13 x 19 and how much it would cost!

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